The Global Chapter is here!

The ultimate idea-prototype experience is now live!

New Zealand will be operating as part of a Global Chapter alongside international VIVISTOPS: Estonia, Lithuania, Japan (Kanazawa) and Philippines. This programme takes place over 6 weeks, with participants committing their time on Friday’s and Saturdays. They will be mentored by experts who will guide them to grow and iterate their revolutionary ideas to a marketable level.

Our theme is ‘Perfect Future Cities’ and we’re working in with consideration of the UN Global Goals. Have a revolutionary idea? Let us know so you can take part!

If you are after more information, jump onto the VISTA Website to have your questions answered.

To begin, let’s meet the epic teams that have been selected to represent NZ in 2022:

Now… Let’s meet some of the epic humans helping guide our participants on their innovative journey.

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