Kia Ora! Welcome to VIVITA Aotearoa!

We Believe Creativity is the cornerstone for the future generation of innovators, founders, and makers to lead a positive change in Aotearoa

How we work


We have free, safe, and inclusive spaces for all kids to create, innovate, and learn.


We develop programs, workshops, software and hardware tools to facilitate and accelerate entrepreneurial mindset, creativity, collaboration.


VIVITA Aotearoa is part of a global community of creative children, industry experts, and volunteers. Locally we work in collaboration with community groups, industry experts, and volunteers to support our rangatahi.


VIVISTOPS are our maker spaces / invention labs where children can create, experiment, and learn. The spaces are free to use for members, and membership is free!  We allow access to all creative young minds regardless of their social or economic background.

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VIVISTOP Wellington

Coming Soon!

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