What is VIVITA Aotearoa?

VIVITA Aotearoa is an innovation studio and ideas accelerator that provides free access for all children aged 9-15 to create and innovate. The studio aims to enable creativity through a self-guided learning experience, workshops, and mentor pairing.

VIVITA Aotearoa is part of the VIVITA International network of innovation studios, which supports a large community of creative children around the world. Children who become members of VIVITA Aotearoa will have access to the network, and will be able to learn, explore, and create with other children around the world.

What is the purpose of VIVITA?

Innovation and creativity will be critical for the future of Aotearoa’s environment, economy, and manawhenua. VIVITA Aotearoa aims to bridge the gaps in our education system and support inclusive innovation learning for our youth in ways that address all four dimensions of their hauora – that is Taha Tinana (physical), Taha Hinengaro (emotional/mental), Taha Whanau (social well-being) and Taha Wairua (spiritual).

The studio is free, and open to any child between the ages of 9-15, regardless of their background. We believe all children should have equal opportunities to make and create if that is their passion. This should not be a privilege.


VIVISTOP is a studio space for VIVITA members (VIVINAUTs) to attend at no cost. It is equipped with tools and technology to help ideas come to life! We have computers, 3D printers, laser cutter, hammers, saws, sewing machines, crafts materials, stationery and much more! VIVISTOPs are also staffed with friendly Crew and volunteers to assist the young creators with their projects.

VIVISTOP Mini is an event series that visits communities around Aotearoa to bring experimental workshops and sessions to kiwi kids. These workshops are co-created together with members and organisations from the community. Flick us an email or contact us through a form if you would like to collaborate!

Where is VIVISTOP?

Our VIVISTOP POP-UP is located at 22 Panama Street, level 7, Wellington Central. It is an experimental makerspace that we are co-sharing with creative industry professionals. Since the space is limited, we can only host a limited number of participants at a time. See our Events page for visiting info. 

What is a VIVINAUT?

VIVINAUT is a VIVITA Member who has an active membership with VIVISTOP.

How to become VIVINAUT (VIVITA Member)

Members can be anyone aged between 9-15 with the drive to make and create. To become a member, you must attend a trial days at the studio, followed by a meeting with the parent/guardian. 

How much does it cost to become a member?

We believe that all children should have equal opportunities to create and innovate. Therefore our space and activities are free globally for all VIVINAUTs to attend.

Why should I become a volunteer?

Volunteering at VIVITA is fun and inspiring. You can choose the skills you would love to share with the VIVINAUTs and help them to discover their own mana.

How can organisations help?

We believe in the power of collaboration to make our communities thrive. We invite organisations to VIVITA by sharing their specialist time through volunteering. Including kids in real projects to provide them exposure and opportunities. Or help the studio and organisation out with in-kind services, supplies and materials, donating equipment. We are keen to work together and find out what would be the best fit.

Is VIVITA a school?

No, we’re not a school. We don’t have a set curriculum or teachers at our VIVISTOP. We are an afterschool space where members can come in their own time to work on the projects they feel passionate about. We don’t teach, but our Crew and volunteers are present to share their knowledge, provide help using tools, and explore new ideas. 

Is VIVITA a course? 

No, we’re not a course. Sometimes we run workshops of more structured activities for learning opportunities, but most of the time VIVITA is an open studio where VIVINAUTs can create in a way that works for them. 

Is VIVITA a charity?

No, VIVITA isn’t a charity. VIVITA operates like a social enterprise. Our operational overheads are funded by Mistletoe Inc., an impact investment fund dedicated to changing the way children learn innovation and creativity. We also partner directly with local communities and organisations who help us with in-kind services and supplies.

How does VIVITA operate under New Zealand COVID-19 Protection Framework?

To protect the most vulnerable in our community, VIVITA will be taking guidance from the government suggested framework advised for schools and more specifically for specialist interest education. This means:

  • All our Crew, Kaiawhina and anyone else who will be dealing with kids will be required to be fully vaccinated
  • Anyone entering VIVISTOP during the time kids are present, must be fully vaccinated – this also includes parents. Parents who are not vaccinated can collect their kids from the lobby, but cannot enter the studio space.
  • Masks are optional under Orange, but mandatory under Red traffic light.
  • We will require scanning into the space as well as keep record of all the visitors
  • We might consider additional safety measures to keep the spread of virus at bay within our staff and members. We will notify about changes as they happen through emails and social media

We will be continiously seeking advice and counsil from the governement as well as other VIVISTOPs who have experience and knowledge in setting up safe practices for everyone.



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